About Me

I have a Master in Library and Information Science and a background in an array of fields from the creative arts to finance and marketing. I have heard and experienced personally an increased need for employers to hire professionals with the ability to read, write, and research effectively and responsibly.

As the Student Engagement and Information Fluency librarian, my job is to help prepare students to not only use, but re-use and create information in all its myriad forms; ethically, legally and responsibly upon graduation from JHU. The library has been working to develop programs across campus in which information fluency is an integral part of the undergraduate experience. Above all else, I want to ensure that the JHU undergraduate experience is rich and rewarding. I believe helping our students develop information fluency in this 'information age" is an essential component of extending the unmatched Hopkins experience throughout the rest of their lives.



If you need help with, starting your research, narrowing a topic, locating a book, finding articles, or you're just not sure where else to go, come see me!

Stop by my office:      #6, M-level, MSEL

Call:                               410-516-4156


You can also check out our Ask a Librarian Frequent Questions page.


Staff, Faculty and Graduate Students - Schedule an Instruction Session or Consultation!

Given enough time to arrange my schedule, I am always available for in-class instruction sessions. You can always email me or fill out or new Instruction Form, either way, I'll get right back with you. I enjoy working collaboratively to come up with unique ways for students to learn the essential skills of information fluency. I have found that providing real-world scenarios and applications when possible are always the most meaningful for students. I am also available to collaborate on unique projects throughout campus in which students might require a research component. Research is no longer confined strictly to the library and neither am I. Please let me know if you're working on a project with students that could use research enhancement and I will be happy to lend a hand as a consultant, collaborator, or instructor.

 Are you thinking about working with me or another librarian and not sure where we can help? Check out this Instruction Menu for some ideas.