Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel

The role of Digital Scholarship Specialist involves wearing many hats. Fortunately, like the chimera or cerberus I have many heads. Here I will explain what each of these heads do and how they can help you.

Digital Scholarship Specialist

My drop in office hours are Wednesdays from 1pm-5pm. Please feel free to come by during this time. If you would like to arrange another time, please email me (my contact details are in the box on the left).

My office can be found on M-level of the Milton S. Eisenhower library, in the corridor behind the Information Desk, number 10.

Digital Scholarship Specialist

An important part of the Digital Scholarship Specialist (DSS) job is to build community and culture around digital scholarship at Johns Hopkins. We have many faculty and students working with digital tools and methodologies in their research and teaching and it is important to ensure that they are aware of what each other is doing. This is so effective collaborations can be built and innovation can inspire others in their projects. As such, I provide events such as a seminar series to bring our scholarly community together.

Training is another significant part of the DSS role. Many new academic jobs in the humanities require at least some knowledge of the digital tools and methodologies that are being used, and, generally speaking, it is worth being aware of these advancements even if you don't make significant use of them. I offer both workshops and one-on-one consultations to introduce faculty and students to a range of key digital research methods such as text mining and data visualization. Take a look at the Digital Scholarship Research Guide to see what services and events are on offer.

Humanities Center Liaison Librarian

Alongside the DSS role, I provide liaison services for the Humanities Center. This includes collection development and research and teaching support. If you would like resources purchased, assistance with research, or a classroom introduction to library services, please email me.

GRLL Research Liaison

I also provide research consultation services for the German and Romance Languages and Literatures (GRLL). For research assistance and library introductions please email me.

For collection development and resource purchases please contact Sue Waterman.

We have a number of Research Guides about library materials to support research and teaching in GRLL:

French Language and Literature.

German Language and Literature.

Italian Language and Literature.

Spanish Language and Literature.