Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

Bloomberg Guides and Tutorials

Type BU and hit <GO> to access Bloomberg's video tutorials and printed or online guides.

Choose Marketing Materials to access the Getting Starting guide, search guides, and topic-specific cheat sheets.  Click Download to view the document. Choose the print command within Adobe to obtain a hard copy.

Bring personal earphones to listen to tutorials, or borrow a set of headphones through the library.  At the Eisenhower Library, connect your headphones to the keyboard.  At Harbor East, connect them to the computer.


Bloomberg is a terrific source for current, national and international news.

General News Menu:

Hit the green <NEWS> key.


Type N. Press <GO>.  Highlight selections or type the number or command.

Company-Specific News:

Company-specific news exists within the company profile.

Type the company's ticker symbol. Hit the yellow <EQUITY> button, then press <GO>.