Locate key business information resources for academic research.

Need More?

Data and Statistics Research Guide
General and subject-specific statistical and demographic resources through the Sheridan Libraries.

Also view the Industry Overviews portion of this guide for reports that include demographic or consumer information.

Trade Associations

These tools identify associations, conferences, websites, and key resources for a topic or industry, which may lead you to statistics online or in publications.

Need other sources?

Try a basic web search on your industry or market, combined with "statistics." 

Use the library's core business article databases to get statistics from industry-specific publications.

Country Yearbooks

Statistical yearbooks or abstracts, released annually by foreign countries, contain official statistics. The library contains a set of these publications in microfiche format in the Data Center on A-level.

Selected yearbooks or abstracts for particular countries also are available as print reference materials. Use Catalyst, the JHU Libraries' catalog, to identify publications and locations.

Demographic Information

Statistical Databases

In addition, consult these statistical databases and use the business article databases to find articles containing statistics on an industry, market, or product.

Passport GMID
Euromonitor International's database of U.S. and international data and analysis on populations, markets, consumers, countries, and companies.

Bloomberg Financial Service
Real-time industry, financial, and economic data. Create an account with your JHU e-mail address from the designated Bloomberg terminals.

Economist Intelligence Unit
This suite of statistical services and reports from the Economist Intelligence Unit includes industry-specific, demographic, and economic news and data.

Statistical Insight
An index to statistical publications of the U.S. government, international organizations, state governments, and many non-governmental organizations.  Search in tables or abstracts of publications for demographic or industry-specific data. Visit the GIS and Data Center and bring the document number (SRI number) to access publications inaccessible online.

Statistical Datasets
Create your own table, graph, or chart for specific U.S. or international data at various geographic levels. Explore the EASI Market Planner for consumer information.

IHS Global Insight
Access through the blue "DataInsight-Web" button in the IHS database.  These economic and financial data sets are also available through the Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS). WRDS is only available to JHU faculty and graduate students who have approved WRDS accounts for their academic research. Register for an account at the WRDS login screen.

Additional Statistics, Business Rankings

These selected resources either contain industry statistics or lead you to resources that provide them. Check the JHU Libraries Catalog, Catalyst, for locations of older issues or additional copies.