Find information about bioethics and related subjects.

Books, E-books, and Dissertations

These books and textbooks with the word "bioethics" in the title are written in English and dated from 2012-2017. They include print and online books.

  • In the catalog, use the limits on the left to see all of our books about bioethics, from all years and in all languages.All JHU e-books are in Catalyst (the library catalog), just like the print books.

Google Books does not know what books the library has.

  1. Often, Google Books will direct you to sites that will ask you to pay for an e-book
  2. Do not pay!
  3. Instead, look for the book in the library's catalog
  4. If we do not have it, use Borrow Direct or Interlibrary Loan under "Request Materials"

For more information about finding dissertations or master's essays, or for submitting your dissertation, visit the guide for Electronic Theses and Dissertations.

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Journal Articles, Google Scholar, and News

On a Hopkins computer, Google Scholar automatically shows you the FIND IT links. But on a non-Hopkins device, you should either

  1. log in through the portal (, OR
  2. go to the library home page and use the "Google Scholar" tab so that you can see the links to our full text ("FIND IT")

If you don't see "FIND IT" next to the citation, click on "More," which is *below* the citation. It will turn into "FIND IT."

GOOGLE BOOKS - In your list, you will also see books.

  1. Google Scholar will, of course, take you to Google Books
  2. However, copyright law prevents them from showing you the whole book
  3. Search the library catalog for the book you want -- if we have it, you can see 100% of it


Please browse this list of recommended resources, including books, articles, films, poetry, and more.

  • The list is intended for pre-health students, but is much broader than just medical/nursing ethics
  • The list is arranged by topic, and one of the tabs is ETHICS
  • The list is also arranged by author


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