Italian Language and Literature

Resources, in all formats, for the study of Italian literature and language

The Basics

   It's not Rocket Science
  • You can begin with 2-3 books, and maybe 2-3 articles. The rest is simply data-mining. Use the bibliographies, footnotes, endnotes you find. Follow the path of other researchers.
  • Browsing is still a powerful tool. With 1 or 2 good call numbers, go to the shelves to browse that area. You're sure to find books you weren't even looking for!

Google Scholar

Find scholarly articles easily. It's not everything out there, but it's a lot.

Set your Scholar Preferences for JHU, to be connected to online articles.

Books on D-level

The main Italian Language and Literature collections are found on D-level at MSEL under the following call numbers:

  • PG (Compact shelving): Books on Italian language and literature, cataloged before 7/96.
  • PC 1001-1977 (Blue Label Section): Books on Italian language cataloged after 7/96.
  • PQ 4001-5999 (Blue Label Section): Books on Italian literature cataloged after 7/96.