Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

Sovereign Debt Commands

To access each of the following functions, type these commands and hit <GO>.


CSDR: sovereign debt calendar

Country Risk

CRP: country risk premium  (for countries not listed, use Equity Risk Premium)

EIU: countries economic profile

RATD: ratings scales and definitions


ALLX ELI: list of tickers for emerging markets indices

MSFX: MSCI sovereign debt index

Collateralized Debt Obligations:

NI CDO: collateralized debt obligation news

Bloomberg Guides and Tutorials

Type BU and hit <GO> to access Bloomberg's video tutorials and printed or online guides.

Choose Marketing Materials to access the Getting Starting guide, search guides, and topic-specific cheat sheets.  Click Download to view the document. Choose the print command within Adobe to obtain a hard copy.

Bring personal earphones to listen to tutorials, or borrow a set of headphones through the library.  At the Eisenhower Library, connect your headphones to the keyboard.  At Harbor East, connect them to the computer.