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It is extremely important to make sure that your writing does not use someone else's work without properly acknowledging it. Even "paraphrasing" -- putting someone else's writing into your own words -- must be done in a very careful way.

These tutorials will help you learn the basics of avoiding plagiarism. You will always need to know this, not only during your academic career, but throughout your professional career as well.

Online Tutorials about Plagiarism

Online Tutorials about How To Avoid Plagiarism

How to enroll in (join) the "MyLearning" Site

1. Log into the JHU portal -- my.jhu.edu, and mouse over "Education," on the left.

  • Go to the page called "Avoiding Plagiarism Course" on MyLearning. You may have to log on with your JHED ID.
  • Click "Add to Dev Plan."

2. You will be taken to a page called “Add to Learning Plan.”  Click “Next.”


3. You will be taken to the confirmation page. Click “Done.”


4. On the “My Plan” page, find “Avoiding Plagiarism at JHU,” and click it to begin the course.

After you are enrolled, you can quickly get back to the site from your myLearning Plan page.