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OECD iLibrary OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter Yes, 100% (1) Not directly in the database.
(2) But when you download the PDF, you can use the PDF Reader tool to annotate.



Wolters Kluwer Health Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter

Yes, 100%


Nursing and medicine.

Here's how to download, print, and e-mail (choose "Outputting Books@Ovid" on the left)

If a book published this year is not in the catalog, search the publisher site itself

Oxford Scholarship Online Oxford University Press An individual chapter from each title, OR up to 5% of the pages of any title, whichever is greater

Up to a single chapter from each title, OR up to 5% of the pages of any title, whichever is greater


(1) Social science and humanities (2) You can't make lots of copies OR display/ distribute their material on ANY electronic network (including the Internet or the WWW)

Project Muse Johns Hopkins University Press/UPCC (Univ. Press Content Consortium) Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter Yes, 100% No

As of March 2014, we have very few Muse e-books because we buy them title by title instead of a big package.

FAQ for Project Muse e-books

ProQuest Ebook Central (formerly EBL) ProQuest [platform with books from many publishers] 100%, but only for the loan period. After that, it's no longer accessible and you have to check it out again. Can print 20% and copy 5%   Here are the details.


  • Requires JHED ID, even on JHU computers
  • On non-JHU devices, you be logged in through the JHU portal *before* you log into the book
R2 Digital Library Rittenhouse Book Distributors (books from 50+ health science publishers) No Yes. You can print or e-mail sections of books by using the Tools icon across the top navigation bar.  

Note - Only 2 users at a time can use a book.

You can save searches, search results, and book sections to your "My R2" profile


Routledge Politics and International Relations Resources


Routledge Religion Online

Royal Society of Chemistry E-book Collection Royal Society of Chemistry 1 copy, for personal use only 1 copy, for personal use only   We have their e-books published in 2014, 2015, and 2016.
Safari Books Online (comp sci, business, videos) ProQuest platform with books from many publishers


NOTE: Choose "HTML" at the top of the page, which lets you scroll through the whole book at once, instead of page by page.

Yes, but only page by page, and only for personal use or fair use: "No part of any chapter or book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means without prior written permission... from the publisher..."

Attach a Note to a book or a page:

  • Highlight text and attach a Note to that text.

  • Create your Note in a movable layer right over the page you are reading.

  • Organize, search and filter your Notes by adding Tags.

  • Print your Notes and Highlights in a custom summary.


Only 9 people at a time can use this database. So please logout when you're done!

If you don't see a Safari-like book in the catalog, search Safari itself - new Safari records go into the catalog every 4-6 weeks.

Safari also has online videos.

(NOTE: the "offline bookbag" is NOT available to institutional subscribers)


Sage Research Methods

Sage Publishing   Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter.


Scroll down to select from case studies, videos, and other research tools

ScienceDirect Elsevier Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter   E-books and journals are all on same platform. The search box says "Journals/Books."
SIAM Society for Industrial and Applied Math       Access from 2011 to the present, plus a few earlier e-books
SPIE Digital Library - eBooks SPIE (formerly International Society for Optical Engineering) Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter    


[includes Lecture Notes in Computer Science, and Lecture Notes in Math)

Springer Yes, 100%, either  chapter by chapter, or (as of August 2013) entire book (click "download book") Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter


(1) Covers science, engineering, some social science (2) We have access to 2005-present [for books older than 2005, scroll down the catalog record to see if it's a "reprint"] (3) to see ONLY the books we can access, uncheck the "preview" box
SpringerProtocols Springer       

Yes, 100%

Yes, 100%

All registered users can save searches, comment on and upload protocols, and save favorite protocols to the My Protocols area. Here is a tutorial.

Synthesis Morgan & Claypool

Yes, 100%. (All books are PDF files.)

Yes, 100%   Kindles are useable if they read PDF files.
Thieme E-book Library Thieme Yes, 100%

Yes, 100%. Open a book by selecting READ IT. Find the page you'd like to copy text from, and click "text selection" next to the "pen." Then highlight the text you want to copy.


Open a book by selecting READ IT. Find the page where you'd like to add a note. Either right-click your mouse OR click the "pen" next to the bookmark icon. Then you can move the NOTE icon anywhere in the text. Type your note, then SAVE.

To find your notes and bookmarks:

  • Select “My folder,” in the righthand corner of the header
  • In the “My Activities” box, you can toggle between notes and bookmarks



(1) Includes human anatomy, physiology, and medicine (2) Short FAQ
Wiley-Blackwell Current Protocols Wiley and Blackwell Yes, 100% Yes, 100%   This is part of the Wiley Online Library, in which all of the journals, protocols, and e-books can be cross-searched.

Wiley E-books [see IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library]


World Bank eLibrary

World Bank No Yes, 100%, chapter by chapter   PDF