International Business

Resources for studying business, management, economic, social, geographic, and political topics involving countries throughout the world.

Information on Specific Industries


Search Catalyst (the library's online catalog) to find numerous print and e-books on marketing with an international focus.

Some Title or Subject searches:

    international marketing
      international market
        International business
          global market
            foreign trade
                export marketing
                International business enterprises -- marketing
                Marketing -- (specific country, region, or continent)
                Marketing research -- (subcategories followed by region, country, or continent)


                Marketing and Advertising

                Doing Business in. . .

                Start with the Doing Business guides at

                The library has some Doing Business in. . . publications for selected countries. Search Catalyst, the JHU Libraries' catalog, for these terms, your country or region, or resources on business culture or cross-cultural.  These resources provide background and address regulations, barriers to entry, etiquette, and more.

                Identify additional Doing Business in. . . publications in WorldCat. Borrow them for free through your Interlibrary Loan account.

       might provide some free information online or lead you to a list of publications for your country which focus on regulations. 

                Use a web search engine (e.g. to find similar reports or recent business information for a country. Search example: "Doing Business in" Thailand.

                World Bank E-Library
                View the "Doing Business" series of annual reports in this licensed database.  Consult with our government librarians for assistance.