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Information, materials, data and software for Johns Hopkins GIS and Map users.


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So you heard about the buzz around GIS! Wondering what this acronym is all about?


GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems, a system that allows the user to take data and then geographically portray and spatially analyze it. Here at Hopkins, we have access to ArcGIS, a powerful GIS software package created by ESRIFor a student, knowing how to use this software will prove to be a very useful skill to have in your career!


As long as you're a Hopkins student, you can get a 1-year license (renew annually) of ArcGIS FREE, here!


Within the club, you’ll be able to collaborate with members, ask questions, work on projects, and discover opportunities where you can employ GIS in your career! 


Georeferencing Hopkins Campus Map

Georeferencing Hopkins Homewood Map