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There is ArcGIS and ESRI, but also so much more. Theck these out! They’re worth your time.



  • Our friends up at Towson are hosting an annual GIS conference. This year, its on March 19 (spring break) so don't miss out on a great event!



  • You want to put a beautiful map on the web? Or in a blog? MapBox makes it easy to publish and design your content.



  • A very popular GIS software, available here on campus! Find out how to get a copy here! 

  • Be sure to visit the tab labeled “Who uses GIS?” and “Careers in GIS.”

How GIS Can Help You

GIS Careers Outlook

Careers utilizing Geographical Information Systems are a growing field that is employed within many principles. Want the prospects? See what these sources have to say about GIS related fields!

U.S. Department of Labor:

Which Industries are Using GIS?

The Uses

Oh, the possibilities! Ranging from business and marketing to government and military to even oil and gas companies, the uses for GIS are spread across the board.

Let’s say an imaginary college student named Jimmy has a research project due next Thursday for his Environmental Impact class. The guidelines are to show the impact of a development on its natural resources. Luckily, Jimmy has prior experience with GIS and he decides to portray The Baltimore watershed pollution and its affect on the Chesapeake Bay. Armed with GIS, Jimmy can was able to create a map depicting a correlation between the amount of agricultural farmland and factories along water bodies with the oxygen levels in the bay. He got an A.

Sarah, an imaginary person who happens to be Chipotle's biggest fan, becomes inspired by their food that she wants to open a Chipotle in her home city, Baltimore. But, she has a tough question to hurdle, “where would be the best location!?” Fortunately, Sarah is a GIS Analyst and she knows that GIS can help her narrow down her search for a location. She gathered public demographic data of the city and formed a series of simple queries that allowed her to analyze her data. With GIS, Sarah decided that opening a Chipotle right on N. Charles St. right by a large source of hungry college kids as well as the JHMI bus stop, within a relatively low crime rate neighborhood, and a high population of young adults (among other factors), her new Chipotle restaurant was able to prosper!

Sarah and Jimmy are fictional characters with fictional stories, but how they applied GIS is very real.