GIS and Maps

Information, materials, data and software for Johns Hopkins GIS and Map users.

Mission and Overview

Who are we?

The Hopkins GIS Club is a student-run organization where students can learn how to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS), ask questions regarding GIS, collaborate on projects, and share ideas on how to apply GIS within their own majors.

Mission Statement

The Hopkins GIS Club aims to foster a friendly, collaborative network of students who will both learn and share with one another their own GIS-related knowledge toward the benefit of our community.

Our Goals:

  • Assist students in learning how to use Geographical Information Systems.
  • Provide students a place where they can share, discuss, and collaborate on GIS projects. 
  • Connect students with GIS opportunities and introduce them to how they can use GIS in their career.
  • Explore options in using GIS to benefit the local community.


Learn More!

There is ArcGIS and ESRI, but also so much more. Theck these out! They’re worth your time.



  • Our friends up at Towson are hosting an annual GIS conference. This year, its on March 19 (spring break) so don't miss out on a great event!



  • You want to put a beautiful map on the web? Or in a blog? MapBox makes it easy to publish and design your content.



  • A very popular GIS software, available here on campus! Find out how to get a copy here! 

  • Be sure to visit the tab labeled “Who uses GIS?” and “Careers in GIS.”