Special Collections & Archives


Don't have time to commit to an internship?  Don't worry -- you can always volunteer!  Volunteers have helped us with a lot of projects, including:

  • Transcriptions of pages from manuscripts
  • Translations of documents
  • Processing 19th century sheet music
  • Creating EADs

The Skinny on Volunteering

Please note that all volunteers and interns will need to go through an interview process and fill out forms prior to starting a project.  You must be at least 15 years old, too. Non-Hopkins affiliates also must undergo a background check.

Student Employment

As you can see, working in Special Collections is tons of fun!  We (including the Peabody Library) hire students to assist with many tasks, including overseeing the information and reading room desks, adding images to the department's Flickr site, and filling copy orders from rare materials.  We hire students throughout the year, and advertise the positions via Student Employment Services

RB & M Valentine's Day


We offer internships to undergraduate and graduate students.  An internship can be taken for credit if part of an independent study or class requirement. The number of internships is limited.   Interested in embarking on an internship?  Contact Heidi Herr.

Past Interns

  • Helen Fonda.  Helen is an undergraduate at Hopkins.  She explored Peabody's collection of Great Exhibition materials, focusing on the curiousities that were on display.
  • Victoria Joosten, a high school student at the Garrision Forest School, worked with a graduate student in the Department of German and Romance Languages to explore the history of a French and English editions of Ovid's Metamorphoses.