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JHU Researchers: Take the 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication Survey

Your librarians want to know what tools you use so that we can optimize library services and resources to better serve your needs. Please take the 101 Innovations in Scholarly Communication survey, developed at Utrecht University. Librarians there are engaged in an ongoing effort to chart the evolving landscape of scholarly communication. This international survey will investigate how tool usage varies by field, country and position. The survey will run until February 2016.

Each JHU campus has a different survey URL, so we can distinguish behaviors at the different campuses. Please choose the campus you identify with the most.

Scholarly Communications

'Scholarly communication' is a term used to include all or part of the academic processes involved in publishing or otherwise sharing knowledge. Some of the current conversations within scholarly communication include:

  • Changes in journal publishing models.
  • How should blogging and other new forms of communication be valued in academia?
  • Making data accessible to and usable by all.
  • Copyright and its application to digital content in academic settings.
  • Authors want to retain more of their copyrights, or transfer some to their institution.
  • The digital humanities and how it will change humanities research.
  • Changes to the journal article as the container of choice for information.
  • Open textbooks.

Defining Scholarly Communication

Video Credit: Defining Scholarly Communication, created/owned by the contributors and produced by Kathryn Pope and Vin Aliberto, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, Columbia University Libraries/Information Services. CC-BY.

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