Scholarly Communications

Learn about trends in scholarly publishing and communication.

New Genres

Does blogging count as "scholarly communication"?

What is a "blessay"?

Can the creation of a digital edition or online research environment count towards tenure?

Beyond the PDF

The Center for Digital Information asks what happens when information is presented in a format other than the PDF? Currently the PDF is close to a standard for books and journal articles, but it's a digital representation of a print object. How will born-digital information be presented?

Annotatng All Knowledge

Annotating All Knowledge is a group of content creators, publishers, and providers who are creating a standard for annotation on the web.

Open Science

Open Science proposes that all aspects of science should be open for all to see and use. This includes data and research results, as well as the articles that share science progress. Michael Nielson's TED talk describes Open Science.

New Peer Review Services

Several groups are offering to take the peer review piece away from publishers. See their websites for details on their different models.

Graphic Articles

In March 2013 the Annals of Internal Medicine published a graphic article. Read the Editors' Note.