Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Starting your submission

All Ph.D. students and students in some other doctoral and masters programs will submit their approved dissertation or thesis to the JHU ETD Repository. Point your browser to the ETD submission tool, then login using your JHED ID. Once published there, it will be made available to any scholar who wants to read about your research. While we do offer a delayed publication or "embargo period" in certain cases, we will generally make your thesis or dissertation available soon after graduation.


Required submission information

There are several descriptive fields that you must fill out during the submission process. Some of these fields will help other researchers find your ETD and others will control when your ETD will be made visible to the public. Each of the required fields is denoted with an asterisk (*), and you will not be able to continue further in the process without filling them in. Please contact us via email if you have any questions.

  • Title: Include the full title of your dissertation as it appears on the title page. Separate the title from the subtitle with a colon.
  • Degree Date: Use the drop-down box to choose the month and date that you will graduate.
  • Document Type: You will only be offered one choice depending on the degree you are seeking--dissertation or thesis
  • Abstract: Copy the text of the abstract from your dissertation and paste it in this box
  • Keywords: Supply two or three keywords that describe the major topics in your dissertation or thesis. Separate the keywords with commas
  • Subjects: Pick one subject from the list under "Primary Subject". You may not find an exact fit, but choose the one that is closest. This is a standard set of keywords used in dissertation indexing services. You may optionally choose up to two additional subjects in the other boxes.
  • Your Committee: Add the names of all members of your dissertation committee. Check the "chair" box under the appropriate name.
  • Committee Contact Email: Enter the email address of your Committee Chair.
  • Embargo Options: You must check one of these boxes. This will determine when your ETD will be made available to other researchers. We encourage you to make it available as soon as possible, but there will be times when a pending publication or patent might require you to delay publication. 
  • Copyright Embargo: This is NOT a required field, but you should check it if you are submitting two versions of your ETD because of copyright issues. Please see the Copyright Issues page for more information.