Electronic Theses and Dissertations


Here are the steps you should follow to submit your thesis or dissertation.

  1. Start the process after you have defended and made any final edits to your thesis or dissertation
  2. Check the formatting guidelines to make sure your pages are numbered correctly and are arranged in the proper order.
  3. Contact the ETD office etd-support@jhu.edu if you have any questions
  4. Save your ETD as a PDF/A file.
  5. Login to the submission system http://etd.library.jhu.edu using your JHED ID
  6. Enter the required descriptive fields
  7. Read and agree to the submission agreement
  8. Upload your PDF/A
  9. Go to the fee payment site and pay your $60.00 fee
  10. If you get an email asking for changes, follow the link and resubmit your corrected ETD
  11. Forward a copy of your approval email to your appropriate graduate office, if required