Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Questions and Answers

1. Where do I go to submit my dissertation or thesis?

2. What if I want to delay making my dissertation public until my journal article is published?

  • While most researchers opt for making their dissertation or thesis available immediately, some may need to delay publication for one reason or another. During the submission process you will have the opportunity to embargo (delay publication) your work for up to four years.

3. What information will I have to provide during the submission process?

  • You will be asked for some basic information about yourself (email, phone, address--none of this will be made public), some information about your academic program (department, defense date, advisory committee), and a description of your thesis or dissertation (title, abstract, keywords). You then upload a PDF/A of the dissertation and wait for us to approve it or contact you for formatting changes.

4. If I want a paper copy of my dissertation, will the library have it bound?

  • No. The library will no longer do anything with paper theses and dissertations. If your department does not coordinate printing and binding, you might consider the Thesis On Demand service of the HF Group. This is the binding company that the library has used for several years. You can upload your PDF and they will print it, bind it, and ship it to you. A similar service is offered by PHD Book Binding. PLEASE NOTE that printing in color can add significant cost, so you might want to print strictly in black and white.

5. Is there a size limit for ETD files?

  • Yes. No individual file can be larger than 512 MB and the total size of all files cannot exceed 4 GB. If your thesis or dissertation is larger than that, please contact the ETD Coordinator at etd-support@jhu.edu 

6. What is the fee for submitting an ETD?

  • The fee is $60.00 and has been in place since December 2015. Please see the "ETD Fees" tab in this guide for more information.

7. Where can I find a copy of my ETD after it is approved?