Electronic Theses and Dissertations

New ETD Fee

Beginning December 1, 2015, the library will be reinstating a long-standing submission fee for theses and dissertations, but at a lower cost than in the paper era. The $60 fee will be required for all ETD submissions and may be paid by credit card by the student or by funds transfer for any department wishing to subsidize its students. 

You should pay the ETD fee immediately after you submit your document. We will not approve your thesis or dissertation until we verify that the fee has been paid.

Paying By Credit Card

Click on the "check out" button below to go to our credit card payment site. The transaction will be handled by a secure payment processing vendor, so nobody at the library will see your credit card number. PLEASE NOTE: If the card you are using is not your own (e.g. spouse, parent), proceed with the payment at the site, but then email your name your JHED ID, and the name of the credit card owner to etd-support@jhu.edu. This will enable us to credit you with the payment. We do not receive your credit card information in order to do this.

Here is the link to the checkout page

Paying by Departmental Payment Form

Some Hopkins academic departments may elect to pay the ETD for its students. If this is the case for your department, please have your department administrator fill out and sign the attached form and deliver it to the ETD Coordinator at the following address. The Unit is open Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm:

David Reynolds
ETD Coordinator
Digitization Unit
Eisenhower Library, A-Level
(410) 516-7220

To get to the Digitization Unit, make a right when exiting the stairs or elevator in the library. Go to the end of the hall and make another right. The unit is at the end of the short hall.