Special Collections: American Literature and Theater


Rare Books and Manuscripts has a variety of primary sources relating to American literature. The George Peabody Library acquired 19th- and early 20th- century American authors in its overall collection policy to build a general research collection. The books are often first editions. The Eisenhower Library builds collections around selected 20th-century authors and the writings of modern Maryland authors, including the papers of authors who have taught in the Johns Hopkins' Writing Seminars.

Rare Books and Manuscirpts has a variety of materials representing the literature of the United States, including first, limited, illustrated and special editions of works by major literary figures from the colonial era through the present; correspondence, notebooks and manuscripts of Baltimore and Hopkins-affiliated authors, editors, publishers and critics; works by women, African-American, ethnic, “minor” and “popular” authors; anthologies, textbooks and works of criticism; juvenile literature; broadsides, periodicals and other forms of ephemera. Our holdings also include materials that provide historical insight into U.S. literary production, such as the letters and papers of politicians, scientists, scholars and industrialists; encyclopedias, atlases and other reference materials; political pamphlets; and contemporaneous biographies.

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