EReserves Access Guidelines


Deadlines for submission of reserve requests:

  • Summer I 2017: May 5, 2017
  • Summer II 2017: June 9, 2017



Abby Collier
Reserves Supervisor

Reserve Services

Reserve Services at the MSE Library support Electronic Reserves for online and face-to-face courses in several academic divisions: Advanced Academic Programs, Carey Business School, Engineering for Professionals, Krieger Arts and Sciences, School of Education, and Whiting School of Engineering.  Physical Reserves (books and videos) are organized at the MSE Library for courses based at the Homewood campus.  Reserve Services staff at the MSE Library also work with staff at the Libraries at the Columbia, DC, and Montgomery campuses to support physical reserves for face-to-face courses based at those campuses.  All services are initiated upon request from course faculty.

Did you know…

Having troubles opening or printing a PDF on your Mac?

Need images to support your course? The Visual Resources Collection is available to help!

The JHU Visual Resources Collection is a constantly growing collection with over 160,000 digital images. Although historically heavily focused on the history of art, the collection continues to expand to meet the needs of courses throughout the arts and sciences. The VRC regularly supports courses in the areas of Africana Studies; Archaeology; Classics; East Asian Studies; History, History of Science; Islamic Studies; Latin American Studies; Medicine, Science, and the Humanities; Museums and Society, Near Eastern Studies; and the Visual Arts.  The VRC will create or purchase high quality digital images for you. All images will be cataloged and then added to the JHU Visual Resources Collection space in ARTstor, so that you and your students can access them remotely at any time.

The VRC offers training and assistance finding images, using ARTstor, creating and editing digital images, cataloguing, and using various presentation software.  In addition to offering course support, the VRC also creates images for student study and research.  Visit the VRC’s libguide or email for more details.  Or drop by the VRC in Gilman Hall 181 Monday through Friday 9-5; visitors are welcome.