Scholarly Communications

Learn about trends in scholarly publishing and communication.

Scholarly Communications

'Scholarly communication' is a term used to include all or part of the academic processes involved in publishing or otherwise sharing knowledge. Some of the current conversations within scholarly communication include:

  • Changes in journal publishing models.
  • How should blogging and other new forms of communication be valued in academia?
  • Making data accessible to and usable by all.
  • Copyright and its application to digital content in academic settings.
  • Authors want to retain more of their copyrights, or transfer some to their institution.
  • The digital humanities and how it will change humanities research.
  • Changes to the journal article as the container of choice for information.
  • Open textbooks.

Defining Scholarly Communication

Video Credit: Defining Scholarly Communication, created/owned by the contributors and produced by Kathryn Pope and Vin Aliberto, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, Columbia University Libraries/Information Services. CC-BY.

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