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What is Book Arts Baltimore?

BOOK ARTS BALTIMORE is a special celebration of artists' books and book arts in Baltimore, which begins in the fall of 2015 and ends in the fall of 2017.

  • An artist's book is a book... or something like a book... that is also a work of art. It might be an illustrated book, perhaps a collaboration between a writer and a visual artist. Or it might be a textual object that doesn't even look like a book: an object that invites hands-on exploration, or that asks us to reconsider categories like "book" and "art."
  • Book arts include illustration, typography, book-binding, book decoration... any of the technologies, artistic techniques, and crafts used to create books and artists' books.

Nine Baltimore-area institutions are collaborating during this two-year-long period to bring more attention to artists' books and book arts... to rejoice in their beauty and inventiveness... to teach us how they are made and how to make them... and to help us discover what these extraordinary objects tell us about the past, the present, and the future of books.

A complete listing of Baltimore book arts-related courses, exhibitions, and events is here.

On the Line, by Linda Johnson and Kristy Lewis plus additional contributors. Rosendale, NY: Women's Studio Workshop, 1997. From the Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University. Photo courtesy of Women's Studio Workshop.








On the Slates, by Clark Coolidge, design by A. S. C. Rower. New York: Flockophobic Press, 1992. From the Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University.

The Diderot Project, by Ken Botnick, 2015. From the Sheridan Libraries, Johns Hopkins University. Photo by Ken Botnick.