IPLC Summer of ScholComm

Information about the 2020 Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation Summer of ScholComm.

June 24 Program

Lightning Talks June 24 (All times EDT)


1:00-1:10 Welcome

1:10-1:20 Open in a Land of Silos. Robin N Sinn & Caitlin Carter, Johns Hopkins University

An overview of the many Open Scholarship projects at Johns Hopkins Libraries. Slides.

1:20-1:30 Scholarly Communication as Part of Remote Teaching. Shawn Martin, Dartmouth College

When classes became remote, teaching scholarly communication had to be framed in some new ways. Slides.

1:30-1:40 Controlled Digital Lending and a "Digital First" Access Strategy for Fall 2020. Dave Hansen, Duke University

The Duke University Libraries are adopting a  “Digital First” access strategy to help significantly limit physical interactions this fall between students, faculty and staff, and with library materials. This session will talk about the variety of strategies, including Controlled Digital Lending, that Duke is planning and how they intersect with broader efforts including collaboration with other Ivy Plus Libraries. 

1:40-1:50 OA Policies at MIT and the Framework for Publisher Contracts. Laura Hanscom, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


1:50-2:00 Growing Scholarly Communication Infrastructure - The Role of Repositories at Columbia University During the COVID-19 Crisis. Esther Jackson & Kathryn Pope, Columbia University

How scholarly communications have (and haven’t) changed at the Columbia Libraries during the COVID-19 pandemic: highlights of current institutional repository development and an introduction to the COVID Information Commons.Slides.

2:00-2:05 Intermission

2:05-2:15 Expanding Open Access Publishing Support for Librarian Authors. Lindsay Barnett, Yale University

The need for openness and accessibility in scholarship has become more important than ever with many working from home, and the field of librarianship is no exception.  This session will discuss Yale's professional development policy, which has been expanded to include financial support for open access publishing. Slides.

2:15-2:25 Brown University's Digital Publications Initiative: Advancing Excellence and Innovation in Digital Scholarship. Allison Levy, Brown University. Slides.

An overview of Brown's Digital Publications Initiative, a Mellon-supported university-based approach to developing born-digital, enhanced, longform scholarship intended for publication with a university press.   

2:25-2:45 Discussion

2:45-2:55 Wrap Up, Connections, Next Steps

2:55-3:00 Adjourn