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Librarian Services in Support of Faculty and Students Seeking to Enhance Their Scholarly Impact

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Who We Are

The Milton S. Eisenhower Library offers services to help you track the impact of and increase the visibility of your scholarly output. Through the use of citation tracking databases (Web of Science, Scopus) and various data visualization tools (Gephi, Tableau etc), members of our team can help you track your publications, and generate publication and citation reports for annual reports, grant renewals, tenure considerations, recruiting activities, and any other project requiring detailed publication tracking. If you are interested, please send a request to with the details of your project.

What We Can Do For You

Customized Visualization Reports

Based on your individual needs, we collect and analyze bibliometric data from Web of Science, Scopus, and JHU Faculty Force, and provide customized visualization reports at the individual, department, school, and university level. Below is a list of sample topics we can build reports on.

  • Productivity: tracking total and yearly scholarly output, publication types, research topics etc (sample)
  • Collaboration analysis: tracking collaboration through co-authorship analysis both within and outside the institution, domestic and abroad (sample)
  • Funding analysis: tracking funded publications and funding sources (sample)
  • Research trends: tracking evolution of research topics in a given research area (sample)
  • Research impact analysis: tracking research impact both on the individual level and departmental/institutional level (sample individual impact) (sample institutional impact)

Scholarly Impact Support for New Faculty and Graduate Students

Contact us for individualized help in learning how to:

  • Create your individual research identity in ORCID and other resources
  • Understand and make use of individual researcher and journal metrics
  • Enhance and manage your research impact resources

Workshops and Training

On a regular basis, we provide the following workshops.

  • Virtual Workshop
  • Workshop on bibliometric data analysis and visualization

We also offer customized training opportunities to help you better track your research output and impact. We welcome anyone interested in individual or group scholarly impact training to contact us to discuss your specific needs . 

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