Instructions and tips for getting started on the Bloomberg Professional terminals for research in business, finance, real estate and economics.

What to Know Upfront

To supplement the Sheridan Libraries’ news, economics, business and finance databases, current faculty, staff and students have temporary, virtual access to the university’s shared Bloomberg terminals for academic use through Bloomberg's Disaster Recovery Plan, as long as classes remain off-site due to COVID-19.

What to Know Upfront

Terminal Use

  • Access will depend on government restrictions, which vary by country.** Please work with your librarians if you need to identify whether alternative resources can meet your need.
  • Access to a virtual terminal in the university's shared pool is available to one user at a time. If all terminals are in use, try again later.
  • Due to limited access and high demand, please follow this protocol to maximize availability:

  • Use this service only if you need its unique content or functionality to support academic research or teaching. Consult with your librarians about other resources for your needs.

  • Limit your time to the duration necessary.  Do not leave your session open or unattended.

  • Log out of Bloomberg when done.

  • Log into your terminal account monthly to keep your account active.


  • Refer to the document in the box below for details on registration, access and support.

  • Allow up to 24 hours during weekdays for authentication and approval.  Requests will be batched and processed daily. You will receive confirmation of the approval.


** For Current Johns Hopkins Students in China :  Unless logged into the university's virtual private network (VPN), new users will be unable to create Bloomberg accounts due to government restrictions in that country.  If you are an existing Bloomberg user with an expired Bloomberg account, please contact your business librarians at for steps to re-activate your account if you have trouble through the instructions below.

Virtual Terminal Registration, Access and Support