Tools & Techniques for Archival Research

Scanner apps for your smart phone

Why Use a Scanner App

  • Scan many documents directly to multi-page pdf, which can be simpler to manage than the single images that cameras produce.
  • Upload instantly to Dropbox/ Evernote/ Box etc (which makes for easy linking from Zotero) rather than transferring from a memory card


If you use a camera rather than a phone, you will want to know about Tropy. Tropy is a photo management tool for archival research. You take photos on your camera (JPEGs) and Tropy can help you to organize and take notes on them. Tropy is excellent for quick research trips in which you amass huge numbers of photos, but you don't have a plan on how you will be using them. It is especially useful for manuscript materials that are handwritten and will require some transcription. (PDFs/ scanner app might be better if you are mostly photographing typewritten materials). See the tab on Tropy for more information. 

Create your backup plan (literally)

Back up your images on Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive.