Getting Ready for Finals

Games to help reduce stress

Take a break with games proven to help reduce stress! From the blog: 

You might be familiar with the game Sushi Cat, but did you know that playing this pachinko-style puzzle game for just a few minutes can decrease worry and increase mood and your level of engagement in other tasks? You can learn more about the positive effects of this sushi-eating feline game by reading the research evidence.

Here are some other wellness resources and games that can help you to destress or reduce anxiety. Bejeweled is clinically shown to reduce stress and decrease withdrawal and depressive type behaviors.

Do you have writer’s block? Wish you could take a walk around the block to stop thinking about your worries? Or just feel blocked up staying inside all day? Maybe you should give Tetris a play! According to researchers, Tetris was found to weaken cravings for a wide range of addictive and everyday substances and activities. It was also found to block the development of distressing intrusive images.

Need to calm your breathing? Flowy is a simple game in which you steer a ship through obstacles to collect coins while practicing controlled breathing with a cute cloud to fill the sails. According to researchers, Flowy produced measurable decreases in anxiety and panic symptoms. After only 90 seconds of play, you can feel relaxed and more centred, ready to take on the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Building resilience—the ability to stay optimistic, curious, motivated, and connected to others even in the face of an extreme challenge—improves health outcomes of all kinds. According to researchSuperBetter is an app that helps you build social, mental, and emotional resilience.

For more games and resources that can help you manage the stress of finals, please check out the full Wellness Games recommendations.


Exercise and Meditation

Don't forget that all JHU students can get free premium subscription to the Calm app for meditation and sleep. 

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