Getting Ready for Finals

Join our Virtual Study Stream

Library Virtual Study Livestream
Date: Monday, Dec 14 – Tuesday Dec 22, 2020
Time: All day
Cost: Free
Missing the shared experience of studying in MSE and Brody? We miss you, too! Join the Sheridan Libraries during exams week for virtual study time in a 24/7 livestream, featuring puppets, library backdrops, live chat with our librarians, daily ambient soundtracks, study tips and timers, and more. Come work individually alongside other students to stay motivated, focused, and inspired.
The livestream will start at 9 am on Monday, Dec. 14 and end at 10 pm on Tuesday, Dec. 22.
Preview the experience here:

Create Your Own Virtual Study Room

All students have access to the Enterprise version of Zoom, but it will not activate unless they sign in with SSO through your bluejays account the first time:

The licensed version allows up to 300 people and an unlimited time for meetings. 

In order for students to self-select the breakout rooms, they need to have the client (not the web version) and have Zoom 5.3 or above, since the feature to self-select breakout rooms was a recent upgrade.

The host can limit to JHU users and require authentication.

Some ideas for breakout rooms from Elaina Regier and Jenny Chen of the SGA to replicate the study areas of the Brody Learning Commons:

  • Q-Level: Break (and snack) room where students can talk
  • A-Level: Music, played by a student. Ideally, they can take song requests from other students using the chat function or create a collaborative playlist on a music platform.
  • B-Level: Coffee shop sounds or other quiet ambience, students can have their mics on with background noise (family members talking, outside traffic) if they wish if it’s not disruptive
  • C-Level: Students in quiet environments can have mics on, noise will primarily be turning pages, writing, un-disruptive typing, etc.
  • D-Level: Mics off


Zoom Backgrounds for Virtual Study Rooms


Need some inspiration? Here are some Zoom backgrounds that feature library spaces. Peabody

Brody Learning Commons

Library Stacks

Coffee Break


To find more Zoom virtual backgrounds from across campus, go here.

Find a Silent Study Partner

Do you need someone to help hold you accountable during your study sessions? Rules vary based on app and/ or room:

Focusmate will match you with a random study partner. "No chit chat and no collaboration."

24/7 Virtual Study Room for students around the world:

We have a Hopkins student who live streams her personal study sessions! There are several on her Youtube channel from the library last year: