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Sources on Ukraine in Access World News

JHU has the most current coverage (today’s information) of the invasion of Ukraine in the library’s subscription of Access World News. It includes information out of most of the countries in Europe and in the region. Here is some of the source coverage available in Access World News.

  • Russia – 15 sources, 9 are Daily, source count includes 5 different language formats of one newswire, Moscow Times is a significant title in English.
  • Ukraine - 12 sources, 8 are Daily, source count includes 4 different language formats of one newswire.
  • The region:
    • Belarus – 3 sources, all Daily, source count includes 3 different language formats of one newswire.
    • Moldova – 3 sources, 2 are Daily.
    • Latvia – 2 sources, standout source is The Baltic Times, English-language, which is listed as Weekly but near-Daily article counts. (Latvia not a direct neighbor of Ukraine but the Baltic Times covers all the Baltic nations, they are worried Putin will be coming for them next, so relevant.)

It also includes sources from the rest of Ukraine’s neighbors (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania).

You can group together geographic areas in Access World News, using a “world map” to get to these sources. You’ll want to click on the advanced searching/world map link on the Access World News landing page. On the next screen, you should see the world map. You then click on Europe and can keep clicking further to get to the countries listed above.

Reliable Ukrainian Sources

The University of Tartu compiled a list of reliable Ukrainian news sources


News websites:

Ukrinform: Ukrainian news agency, information in 8 languages Ukrainian news website in Ukrainian, Russian and English 

Kyiv Post: Kyiv news website in English 

Kyiv Independent: Ukrainian news website in English

BBC news in Russian 

Meduza news website in English and Russian 

Homepage of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine: information in English and Ukrainian 

CNN news, information in English

Euronews: news channel in 17 languages

Reddit: website combining news and social media channels

Spektr Press - independent Russian website in Latvia

TVRain: Russian independent TV channel.