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Best Ways to Use Google Scholar



1. Use FINDIT links.

FINDIT shows you *all* of the ways to get our full text, not just what Google wants to show you.
  • On the library home page, choose ARTICLES --> Google Scholar:

    If you start from the library home page, you will always see the little arrows.
  • Click the little arrows UNDER the citation, and FINDIT@JHU will appear:

2. Fix Scholar so that you always see those FINDIT links.

  • On your laptops and other devices, go to Scholar --> Settings (upper left corner) --> Library Links -->
    enter just "johns hopkins" --> click everything that comes up:

3. Save your time.

  • In most databases including Scholar, it's best to use Advanced Search, to focus your search and save time:



  • UN-check "patents" (unless you want them) and "citations" (these are usually ephemeral things that you won't be able to find)
  • Always choose a date range


4. Easy export into a citation manager

  • Find an article or other item in any database
  • Copy its title
  • Paste the title into Google Scholar and find that citation
  • Under that citation, click the quotation marks

  • Click "RefWorks" (which is at the bottom):

OR, if you ALWAYS use RefWorks, just configure Scholar so that it always sends your citations to RefWorks:  at the top left in Scholar, choose Settings, and RefWorks:



In your Google Scholar list of article results, you may also see books.

  • If you click on the title, you will be taken to Google Books
  • However, copyright law prevents them from showing you the whole book
  • Search the library catalog for the book you want -- if we have it, you can see 100% of it
  • If we do not have a book in any format, you can request it through BorrowDirect or Interlibrary Loan: 
    Library home page --> Get Materials