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Sources from China

Trial Databases

  • 法信 (网址:http://www.faxin.cn  测试账号:zhongtu 密码:zhongtu)
    包括:法律文件库、法律观点库、案例要旨库、法条释义库、法律图书库、裁判数据库、法学期刊库、法律文书库、高法公报库、国家标准库、知识产权库、民法典专区 12个一级字库。
    包括:最高人民法院司法解释(解释、规定、批复、决定); 最高人民法院司法指导性文件; 最高人民法院司法政务文件; 最高人民法院司法解释送审稿; 最高人民法院司法解释草案; 最高人民法院司法解释解读; 最高人民法院官方问答、解答; 最高人民法院各类会议纪要; 最高人民法院领导讲话; 最高人民法院司法白皮书; 最高人民法院新闻发布会文件; 司法调研文件; 司法数据文件。 
    包括:《最高人民法院公报》案例; 最高人民法院公布的典型案例; 《最高人民法院审判指导参考系列》《人民法院案例选》等最高人民法院及各业务庭室汇编、出版的案例; 地方各级法院发布参阅、指导案例; 地方各级法院审判刊物刊载案例; 全国各级法院网站公布典型案例。 
    《法信》平台独家收录人民法院出版社出版的最高人民法院司法解释理解适用与司法观点: 最高人民法院司法解释条文理解与适用系列; 最高人民法院审判指导与参考系列; 最高人民法院最新法律文件解读系列; 最高人民法院司法观点集成系列。

China After 1949




China Before 1949



Hong Kong/Taiwan

Sources from Japan

Library Subscriptions

  • Japan Knowledge  (JHU User Only)
    Contains a wide range of literary and popular culture primary sources and reference materials including Shogakukan daihyakka zensho and Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan.
  • Japan Times Digital Archives 1897-2015 (JHU User Only)
    The oldest English-language newspaper in Japan by Japanese publishers, Japan Times maintained editorial independence for much of its history, though it was used by the government as a propaganda tool for Imperial Japan during World War II. The digital archive allows you to search the full text of all issues of The Japan Times published between March 1897 and 2014.
  • Magazine Plus (JHU User Only)
    Includes all of the scholarly periodicals from NDL's Zassaku (1975-present), plus popular magazines (monthlies and weeklies including sports and hobbies) indexed in Jaanaru indekkesu from 1981-present, as well as 1300 Japanese economic and business magazines from 1981, and 60 overseas business magazines from 1984-present. Magazine Plus allows just one user to search at a time. Please Logout when you are finished.
  • The Oriental Economist (JHU User Only)
    Includes full text archive of the English language magazine in Japan covering the years from 1934 to 1985.
  • Yomidas Rekishikan (JHU User Only)
    Includes the full text of the Yomiuri Shinbun from its initial publication in 1874 to date, as well as full text of the Daily Yomiuri, its English language equivalent, and a biographical dictionary of modern Japanese figures. Articles are keyword indexed to 8/31/1986, and can be searched full-text from 9/1/1986 to present.
  • Zasshi kiji sakuin (JHU User Only)
    The complete database for Japanese magazines and periodicals from Meiji era to present.

Open Access Sources

Sources from Koreas

Library Subscriptions

  • DBpia: South Korean academic journals. (JHU users only)
  • KRpia: South Korean primary sources. (JHU users only)
  • KCI: Korean Journal Database (part of Web of Science) (JHU users only)
  • NK News Pro (JHU Users Only)
    It is a suite of research resources and tools designed for professionals working on the subject of North Korea. It includes latest news on and from North Korea, specialist analysis and reports as well as proprietary research tools and databases.

Open Access Sources