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Frequently Asked Question

Q1.  I can't remember my login and/or password, can you reset it/them for me?  A.  Both ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro use JHED logins and passwords. Rather than the ArcGIS login, you must remember to log in using the "Enterprise login", and then after "Your ArcGIS organization's URL": enter "gisanddata" into the following dialog box.

Step 1.

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If you cannot remember your JHED ID and password, follow online recovery instructions here.

Which GIS applications does Data Services support? 

  • Data Services supports many geospatial applications.  To get a list of the software we provide downloads and licensing for, check out the left navigation under Software Access.
  • Because Data Services staff has a wealth of knowledge about other applications, we provide access to them on our lab computers.

I am having problems downloading ArcGIS Desktop/ ArcGIS Pro.   Many people have difficulties installing ArcGIS applications, so we have written detailed installation instructions for ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro.  Click the appropriate dropdown under Software Access on the left to get more information.

 Can I install ArcGIS on my Mac?  Check out the "Help for Mac users" at the bottom of the Software Access section.

I have a lot of geocoding to do.  How can I do this without using up all my credits?  Geocoding is one of the heavy hitters in credit usage.  With your annually given 2500 credits, you should be able to successfully geocode approximately 14,000 addresses.  There are a few ways to keep from using more credits than necessary.  

  1. If your addresses are all within Maryland, choose to use the MD Geocoder, as it is a FREE resource for geocoding.
  2. If many of your address are within Maryland, separate your file so that you can run 2 geocoding instances and merge your files together after using the MD Geocoder and the ArcGIS World Geocoding Service separately.
  3. If your file already has XY or Lat, Long coordinates, use these columns to "Locate feature by Coordinates"  in ArcGIS Online or "Display XY" in ArcGIS Pro.
  4. If none of the above options work but you still  need to geocode, contact to find out how to access the Business Analyst files to do all the geocoding you want.  This option does require 90 GB of space on your computer and a lengthy download but we can help you through the process.

How do I get started learning GIS?  There are lots of ways to get started using GIS.  You can choose from our many options under our ArcGIS Training tab on the left, or you can get specific application training below:

  • ArcGIS Online - Take this entirely free, introductory tutorial while preparing for an incoming hurricane in Houston, TX.
  • ArcGIS Desktop
    • Pro - Take this entirely free, introductory tutorial while mapping places of interest for Singapore tourists.
    • ArcMap - Take this entirely free, introductory tutorial  to learn how you can map the impact of roads on deforestation in the Amazon rain forest.

Would you be willing to guest lecture a class for me?  Check out our entire list of typically offered Trainings & Workshops or go directly to specific GIS & Mapping offerings.  Then let us know how we can tailor it to your specific needs by contacting us.

I was wondering what sort of workshops you offer.  Data Services offers workshops on many topics.  To find out more specifically, check out our entire list of typically offered Trainings & Workshops or go directly to specific GIS & Mapping offerings.  Then, check out our Calendar to see what is being offered when.  Don't forget to check out our online offerings.