Data Analytics and Policy

Explore resources in the field data analytics


You will most likely be seeking articles that analyze and use data.

The tabs describe a few methods.

ICPSR allows you to search for publications that use ICPSR datasets.  Not only can you search for the articles but there are links to download the dataset described.  The datasets can be downloaded in a variety of formats.  The video below shows how to use the publications section in ICPSR.

You can search for articles that contain or analyze data in many ways.

Google Scholar - Be certain to configure Google Scholar to work with JHU subscriptions and avoid paywalls.

Databases by subject - find your subject area and be lead to recommended databases for scholarly articles.  Search the core databases for those subjects to find scholarly articles. 

Searching Tip -  I n  core scholarly databases, to help discover articles that analyze data, in addition to your topic keywords,  try adding "data" terms such as:

empirical OR method* OR quantitative OR longitudinal OR research OR survey

(Note: Use truncation (asterisk) to pick up method, methodology and other alternate endings)

Such terms will appear in the abstract and/or subjects of articles.   Use features of your database such as the thesaurus  and/or database filters.  Explore these features as they may provide ways to help identify articles that use data.

Data Citation Index - Discover research data, including data studies, data sets from a wide range of international data repositories and connect them with the scientific literature to track data citation.

Example - searched for data "National Survey on Drug Use and Health"

Find the data and publications that use the data

DOI links to data.  Times cited reveals articles using the data.