Data Management

Software Archiving and Sharing

In addition to consulting, training, and archiving services around research data, JHU DMS also provides such services for research software. The objectives are to enable the treatment of software as a first-class research product and enhance research reproducibility and reuse by providing

  • guidance to researchers at the research planning stage in thinking of how code might be managed and what will happen to it at the end of the project,
  • tips on how to cite code for credit,
  • best practices to make software curation-ready, and
  • guidance on preserving the software components of the research process (e.g., by archiving in the JHU Data Archive or elsewhere).

Planning for Software Reproducibility and Reuse

This is a 22 minutes online training module created by JHU Data Management Services to help researchers make their research software more reproducible and easier to reuse by others. This module provides several best practices for planning for reproducibility, sharing, and reuse of software. These practices are related to Documentation, Organizing your software, Using version control, Linking specific pieces of code to specific claims or results, Licensing, and finally, why and how to Archive code for citation and long-term access.


Software Archiving Checklist

This is a short list of things to consider in order to prepare for archiving software in the JHU Data Archive


Additional Resources for Researchers 

This page contains resources that will help you increase the visibility and availability of your work which in turn enables reproducibility and reuse.

Software Archiving and Preservation Research

This page contains resources for information professionals (e.g., data managers, library staff, research administrators) interested in cutting edge work regarding research software preservation.


JHU Data Services Research on Software Archiving and Preservation


Selected External Resources