Finding and using electronic books from the JHU libraries..

E-Books at JHU

JHU has access to about 1 million e-books, and almost all are in the libraries' catalog.

You can read JHU's e-books on most devices, including

  • desktop computers
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • e-readers
  • smart phones

Search for Ebooks

You can find ebooks just like you find print books, with an extra step:

  1. Search in the library catalog
  2. Go to Format
  3. Click "Book" --> now all of your results are only books, and not journals or other things
  4. Click "Online" --> now all of your books are only online, and not print or other formats
  5. It does not matter whether you click "Book" first or "Online" first -- just make sure to click them one at a time