Finding and using electronic books from the JHU libraries..

More Information

  • ProQuest Ebooks Central requires patrons to enter their JHED ID/password again, even if they are using a Hopkins computer.
  • You can read it online, or download it. When you choose "download," it will say that you must "read" it first, so do that.

What's a "Patron-driven Database"?

ProQuest Ebook Central is a "patron-driven" database.

Here's how it works:

  1. Almost all of JHU's e-books are in the library catalog, and show in your search results
  2. When you find an e-book that you want, just click the link just like always

Here's the difference between ProQuest's ebooks and others: JHU hasn't paid for the books in this database, even though we have access to them. We only pay for a book after it has been "checked out" 3 times.

This patron-driven model is becoming more popular among libraries, because it insures that they are paying for books that their students and faculty will indeed use.

What Is ProQuest Ebook Central?

ProQuest Ebook Central (the combination of EBL, ebrary, and MyiLibrary) is one of JHU's e-book databases.

In the catalog, the links to these books still look like they did when they were called "EBL":

  • ProQuest ebooks are restricted to JHU affiliates because they require a JHED ID
  • These books are also DRM-protected.

How It Works

Left Column

  • "Read Online" opens the book
  • "Full Download" -- You will be asked to click on "open book"
  • "Chapter Download" -- It will say that you must select a loan period first (usually 1 day or 7 days)
  • "Add to Bookshelf" -- You can select a folder to put the book in. The folder can be found when you click “bookshelf” in the page’s top right corner
  • "Share Link to Book" -- It will give you the link to the page you're on, so that you can copy it
  • "Cite Book" -- You can choose to get the citation, in APA, Chicago/Turabian (notes-bibliography), Chicago/Turabian (author-date), Harvard, MLA, or Vancouver style

Middle Column -- "Available for Online Reading" opens the book

  • It also tells you how many pages you can copy, download, or print -- of the book's 272 pages you can copy 55 pages (and you haven't copied any yet because there are still "55 (out of 55)"; and you can print or download 109

Right Column -- The information about the book, such as author, title, publisher, date, number of pages, and ISBN


Top Right Corner of the Page

"Search" -- This takes you to a catalog of ProQuest's ebooks (but use library catalog to see ALL of our e-books). This page will give you the same results as the main search box at the top of the page.

"Bookshelf" -- This is your downloads and loans, what you recently viewed, books you’ve annotated, and books you’ve put in folders and saved on your Bookshelf.

This book is now in my bookshelf. The icons on the right show that you can:

  • Top row: share link to folder, e-mail the folder, export the folder, cite the folder
  • Middle (box with dropdown): sort your bookshelf by title, year, contributor(s), or publisher
  • Bottom row -- read the book that’s displayed