Find Books, Articles and More

How to find books and articles, and other research materials.

Find Books

To find a book in the library you first need the call number, which you can find online when you look up the book in Catalyst.  (Make sure you're in the right library, too!)

Find the Call Number Online

Books at JHU are arranged by subject - everything about Queen Elizabeth will be in one section, everything about molecular biology will be in another section, everything about Germany's political system will be in another.  Sometimes it's a good idea to just go to the particular section you need, and look around on the shelves.  We use the Library of Congress Classification System.  If you visit the site, you can see a breakdown of different topics, and determine what section you need.  Once you know what section to go to, find it on our library floor maps.

If you found a book in Catalyst but it is available at another JHU library, click "Request" and we'll have the book sent to you.


You need this book from the SAIS Library, but you live in Baltimore.

After clicking "Request", follow the directions to log in, and choose the library to which you want the book delivered.  You will get an email when it is ready for you to pick up.