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How to find books and articles, and other research materials.

Popular Fiction

Yes, we're a library at a university, but we have some fun reading for you too.

Best Bet: McNaughton Collection.  Find these recent bestsellers on M-level, under the stairs.

Fiction and Literature: D-level Blue Labels

If you want to browse a particular area of literature, the list below tells you where to start. Just go down to D-level, find the section, and start looking.


American PS 3550-3626
British PR 6050-6126
French PQ 2660-2686
German PT 2600-2688
Italian PQ 4860-4926
Russian PG 3475-3490
Latin American PQ 7000-8560
Spanish PQ 6651-6726
Caribbean, African, Indian PR 9205-9570
Arabic PJ 7577-8417
Chinese PL 2261-2979
Japanese PL 782-866
Canadian PR 9199.2-9199.3