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Popular GIS Data Sources

For additional Baltimore and Maryland content see the topical categories listed below this section.

ArcGIS Online for JHU
Provides access to maps and GIS data via a web mapping interface. Content and interface is licensed by the Sheridan Libraries. Access is via JHED login ID and password. Content may be downloaded and used by all Johns Hopkins students, faculty and staff for educational purposes.  Within ArcGIS Online, the "Living Atlas" offers an extensive array of authoritative demographic layers as well as imagey including Landsat 8 and one meter resolution NAIP aerial photography. For instructions on how to connect with ArcGIS Online for JHU via ArcGIS Desktop see:  Using ArcGIS Online via ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap)  


Fire Insurance Maps Online (FIMO)
This database includes detailed, colored, fire insurance maps for Maryland and the District of Columbia.  Included are those maps published by the Sanborn Co. Places and locations are searchable by address or via an index map. FIMO includes thousands of map sheets covering  Maryland towns and cities. Social historians, architects, geographers, genealogists, local historians, and others will find theses digital maps a valuable tool.


MDProperty Map
Property ownership maps and data for all Maryland counties.  Tables include property owner name, address, assessed value, improvements, year built, type of heat used and select structural characteristics, last property sale price, and SPOT satellite images at a ten meter resolution.  Also included are state legislative and congressional district boundaries.  Accessible on all GPML machines via ArcMap.  Data can be exported and taken away for use on your own computer.


2013 - forward
Starting in 2013 the current edition of MDProperty Map is downoladable, no fee, from

1998 - 2012
Available in the library on DVD, copies of MDProperty View for Baltimore City and surrounding counties for the years 1998 - 2012 and for Montgomery and Prince George's Counties for the years 2003 - 2012 (Comp File 2923).


Open Baltimore
Provides Baltimore City data.  Search for data about crime, citations, property taxes, as well as shapefiles of the city's edge of pavements, parcel boundaries, building footprints and more.  Use OpenBaltimore to develop applications that will hopefully help the city solve problems.  To download shapefiles to be used in ArcGIS, choose Geographic from the Categories, open the file that you want, then download the zipped folder.


Maryland’s Mapping & GIS Data Portal (MD iMap)
This is the primary source for data and maps from Maryland State Government agencies.  Of particular value is the GIS Data Catalog and Data Downloads and Services.  For batch geocoding of addresses, MD iMap makes available the Maryland Composite Locator Service.   It is the most robust service available for geocoding address anywhere in Maryland.   The compost nature of this geocoder enables it to match address to property center points, and if a match is not found, the locator “cascades” down to 10 additional data sources looking for a match.  Instructions for connecting to the geocoder service area are available at MD iMaps FAQ. Here are instructions on using Maryland's Composite Locator in ArcGIS Desktop.


Maryland State Data Center
Provides zip code boundary files (based on MDProperty View), Census 2010 boundary maps, historical census maps (1990 and 2000) as well as some other useful resources.


Maryland Food System Map
A project of the Johns Hopkins Center for Livable Future in the Bloomberg School of Public Health.  Provides data and maps of the local Maryland food landscape.  Users are able to create maps directly within their application as well as download many food related data variables.


Baltimore County GIS
Provides Baltimore County downloadable data.  View the data options in their web application using the GIS Open Data Portal. You can also extract additional items from their FTP site.


Historical Census for Baltimore City
1980-2000 Baltimore City neighborhood boundary files with 100-percent and sample data obtained by the Census Bureau.  1970 census tract boundary files can also be extracted.  You can take the shapefile with whatever variables listed or the entire census file.

A library subscription database offering Johns Hopkins users the most comprehensive source of business location point data.  Included are over 24 million active establishments along with retrospective listing that extend back to 2003.  Each business listing includes standard information such as company name, street address, and contacts.  For some business, additional components are available including names of business owners, sales volume, number of employee, years in business, and standard industrial classifications codes and latitude/longitude.    Data can be exported in comma delimited (csv format) and brought in to ArcMap as x,y coordinate data or via address geocoding.


Maryland Historical Business Locations
For the years 1997 – 2013, the library acquired from ReferenceUSA (InfoGroup Inc.) back files of business location data for Maryland.  Each year includes 78 – 94 attribute fields for each business.  Attributes include:

  • Business directory information (name, contacts, phone number, business type, NAICS, SIC codes).
  • Business location information (address, state, and county FIPS codes, latitude and longitude coordinates).
  • Size of business (number of employees, sales volume).

These CSV files will require additional processing for use in GIS.  Statistical programs like STATA, SPSS, or SAS may be required to search, filter, sort and extract data subsets of interest.   For a detailed sample of the field names see: Historical 2012 File Field Names Sample list.

These files are only available for download and non-commercial use by Johns Hopkins students, faculty, staff.

Year                       CSV FILE                                                 File Size

1997                       Infogroup_Bus_MD1997.csv                       78,232 KB

1998                       Infogroup_Bus_MD1998.csv                       87,227 KB

1999                       Infogroup_Bus_MD1999.csv                       87,807 KB

2000                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2000.csv                       90,660 KB

2001                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2001.csv                       99,099 KB

2002                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2002.csv                       100,682 KB

2003                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2003.csv                       100,398 KB

2004                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2004.csv                       97,087 KB

2005                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2005.csv                       97,087 KB

2006                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2006.csv                       107,612 KB

2007                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2007.csv                       111,109 KB

2008                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2008.csv                       109,404 KB

2009                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2009.csv                       110,004 KB

2010                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2010.csv                       135,826 KB

2011                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2011.csv                       109,513 KB

2012                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2012.csv                       93,922 KB

2013                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2013.csv                       93,922 KB

2014                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2014.csv                       71,756 KB

                               Code Book - Field Descriptions 2014

2015                       Infogroup_Bus_MD2015.csv                        71,410 KB

                                Code Book - Field Descriptions 2015

Historical 2012 File Field Names Sample List


USA Historical Business Locations

Like the Maryland Historical Business locations described above, the library also acquired annual files covering businesses in all states for the years 1997 – 2013.   These CSV files are large and will require programs like STATA, SPSS or SAS to search, filter, sort, and extract the needed records.  The files are too large to be import directly into ArcGIS.   For a detailed sample of the field names see Historical 2012 File Field Names Sample List.      

These files are only available for download and non-commercial use by Johns Hopkins students, faculty and staff.

Year                            CSV FILE                                             File Size

1997                           Infogroup_Businesses1997             4.1 GB

1998                           Infogroup_Businesses1998             4.6 GB

1999                           Infogroup_Businesses1999             4.7 GB

2000                           Infogroup_Businesses2000             4.8 GB

2001                           Infogroup_Businesses2001             5.3 GB

2002                           Infogroup_Businesses2002             5.5 GB

2003                           Infogroup_Businesses2003             5.4 GB

2004                           Infogroup_Businesses2004             5.3 GB

2005                           Infogroup_Businesses2005             5.3 GB

2006                           Infogroup_Businesses2006             5.8 GB

2007                           Infogroup_Businesses2007             6.0 GB

2008                           Infogroup_Businesses2008             5.9 GB

2009                           Infogroup_Businesses2009             5.9 GB

2010                           Infogroup_Businesses2010             7.5 GB

2011                           Infogroup_Businesses2011             6.0 GB

2012                           Infogroup_Businesses2012             4.9 GB

2013                           Infogroup_Businesses2013             4.9 GB


Business Analyst Online
A web based application accessed via ArcGIS Online for Johns Hopkins. Includes easy to use mapping options and a rich array of demographic, consumer spending, and business location data. 


ArcGIS Business Analyst (In-House Use) & Business Analyst Online
Includes business location data (over 10 million records) with selected information on the business sales and number of employees.  Also included are over 90 categories of consumer spending information (i.e. eating out, prescription drugs, clothing, entertainment) aggregated down to the block group level.  Five and ten year population projections are included.  For more detailed information about included data.  Data is updated annually and can be exported and taken away for use on your own computer.  See NAICS Code Descriptions

Census Bureau - United States
Provides downloadable cartographic boundary files as well as current TIGER files and Gazetteer files at varying levels of geography.


National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)
Offers free of charge, aggregated census data and GIS-compatible boundary files for the United States between 1790 and 2014.


An easy-to-use web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) like tool.  Use Policy Map to create maps of the United States down to the Census block group in many cases. Available data includes demographics, home sale statistics, health data, mortgage trends, school performance scores and labor data like unemployment, crime statistics and city crime rates.


Data Planet - Statistical Datasets
A popular source with Statistical Datasets is EASI Analytics and the EASI Market Planner.  It provides data on consumer demographics and usage/spending patterns for products and services within all states, counties, census tracts, and block groups for the entire United States. The data can be mapped, graphed, and analyzed using all the interactive tools available in Statistical DataSets. You will find EASI in the left menu under BROWSE BY SUBJECT. Use the Export feature to download a GIS shapefile for use in ArcGIS.  Please note that you will need to add meaningful variable labels to your attribute table in ArcGIS using the editor or edit the .dbf that comes with your download in Excel (otherwise all you get is VALUE1, VALUE2, etc.)


SimplyAnalytics, formerly known as SimplyMap, is a web-based mapping and data analysis software that changes the way people use and interact with complex data, making it easy to create professional-quality thematic maps and reports using extensive demographic, business, and marketing data. Additional components include: Dun & Bradstreet 30 Million (business listings), Simmons Data package, and Nielsen Claritas PRIZM.


Social Explorer
An online research tool designed to provide quick and easy access to current and historical census data and demographic information. Create custom tables and maps from the very first Decennial Census to the latest Census, the American Community Survey, and the Religious Congregations and Membership Study. Very easy-to-use interface like the original American Fact Finder.


Longitudinal Tract Data Base
Brown University's US2010 website includes the Longitudinal Tract Data Base (LTDB), which provides public-use tools to create estimates within 2010 tract boundaries for any tract-level data (from the census or other sources) that are available for prior years as early as 1970. Also provides a Backwards LTDB in which data provided in 2010 tract boundaries can be estimated within 2000 boundaries.


Neighborhood Change Database - GeoLytics (available onsite only in GIS and Data Services)
This database provides tract level census data from 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2010 normalized to the census tract boundaries used in 2010.  It was developed by GeoLytics Inc. with The Urban Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation.  Normalizing the data to 2010 boundaries makes it possible to analyze changes that occur in census tracts over multiple decades.  Some of the 2010 variables used in the database come from the American Community Survey (ACS).  Shapefiles and data are easily exported for use in ArcGIS. GeoLytics titled this product “Neighborhood Change” to emphasis the small geography nature of census tracts.  Data do NOT correspond to the official boundaries used for neighborhoods in Baltimore City.  

Due to the cost of this database we have only single user access on site. Upon request a GIS and Data Services staff member can log you in to the database on A-level of the Eisenhower Library building.


DIVA-GIS  - Foreign County Data
Select and download free GIS data for any country in the world - shapefile types include administrative data, inland water, railroads, roadways, elevation, land cover, climate and gazetteer (population data is available as well, but is not current).


National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency(NGA)
This open data application provides a portal to discover, view,  and download the international GIS data that NGA makes available to the general public. It does not include restricted access materials from NGA.   


China Geo-Explorer
A component of the China Data Online database, this is a self contained mapping program for display of selected demographic and economic information from the Census of China.


2013 and 2014 World Population Database. LandScan provides a global interactive map that depicts ambient population distribution (average over 24 hours).  It was designed by Oakridge National Laboratory as a geographic information system (GIS) tool for estimating the potential number of people at risk during natural or manmade disasters.    Population data is show via detailed 1 km grids.  Includes data extraction by country or user customized area.  Access to LandScan is through the EVGeoCloud platform.  Johns Hopkins users with ArcGIS software on their computer can directly connect to LandScan via WMS or WCS server connections. For connection information see


Online access to authorative raster maps (map images) from countries around the world.  Focus is on topographic, geologic map along with aeronautical charts.  Map vault content can also be added directly to your ArcGIS Pro or ArcGIS Desktop (aka ArcMap) via a WMTS Service using this URL:


Vector Map 1 and 0 (Circulating CD-ROMs)
VMAP 1 is an updated version of the US Military's National Imagery and Mapping Agency's (NIMA) Digital Chart of the World. The database provides worldwide coverage of vector-based geospatial data and the features have been derived from NIMA's 1:250,000 scale topographic maps. VMAP 1 is divided into 234 geographic zones. Data content includes 10 thematic layers arranged in over 100 vector layers of information with mass numbers of features, attributes, and geographic names appropriate to their respective scales. Documentation and reference library files are available on each disc. VMAP 0 s an updated version of NIMA's Digital chart of the world; and provides worldwide coverage of vector-based geospatial data at 1:1,000,000 on CD-ROMS. Primary source for the database is the Operational navigation charts series co-produced by the military mapping authorities of Australia, Canada, U.K., and U.S. Coverage is divided into 4 disc libraries based on NIMA numbered geographic areas.

USGS Seamless Data Warehouse
The Seamless Data Warehouse is the ideal location to explore and retrieve data. U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) are committed to providing access to geospatial data through The National Map. An approach is to provide free downloads of national base layers, as well as other geospatial data layers. These layers are divided into framework categories.

Historical Map & Chart Collection for U.S. Waters
This collection covers historical maps and charts covers the land and waters of the United States including territories and possessions (past and present). 

Charts for International Waters

Note: The Sheridan Libraries map collection has an incomplete set of printed NOAA Charts for the Chesapeake Bay.


ArcGIS Online Instructions