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For more music research help, please contact the Arthur Friedheim Music Library of the Peabody Institute.

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To explore your topic in a general way, these resources may be useful as a starting point.


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This feature searches across many scholarly Internet sources.

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Search inside books made available on the Internet; view or preview them online, then check to see if our library owns or has access to them. 

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Getting Started

Before you begin looking for research materials, take some time to brainstorm on your topic.

These guides will give advice on how to approach the early stages of thesis development and research:

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Cited Reference Searching

Search for articles that have cited a previously published work.

Through a cited reference search, you can discover how a known idea or innovation has been confirmed, applied, improved, extended, or corrected.

In Arts & Humanities Citation Index, cited reference searching also enables you to find articles that make reference to and/or include an illustration of a work of art or a music score.

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Search the databases or groups of databases below to find scholarly journal articles and newspaper entries on your topic.



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RefWorks is an online personal database where you can store and organize citations, as well as generate easy bibliographies and citations.

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Other Research Guides

You may wish to consult research guides in other fields of study.