Harbor East Library Self-Checkout Instructions

How to order a book for pickup at Harbor East library, then check the book out with the self-checkout machine in the library.

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How to Request and Checkout A Book at the Harbor East

  1. Find a book in the library catalog.

  2. Choose a pickup location (Harbor East).

  3. FInd books on Holds/Requests shelf in Harbor East Library.

  4. Find the Harbor East Library self-checkout machine.

  5. Scan your J-Card's barcode on the self-checkout machine.

  6. Scan the library's barcode sticker on each of your books.

  7. Click on "Done" on the screen, then take your receipt.

  8. Return your books in the book return bin.

...And here's what the steps look like.

1. Find a book in the library catalog

1. Find a book in the library catalog.

2. Choose a pickup location (Harbor East)

2. Choose a pickup location (Harbor East)

3. Find Book on Holds/Requests Shelf in Harbor East Library

3. When you get an email saying your book is available, come to the Harbor East Library and find your book on the Holds/Requests shelf.

4. The Harbor East Self-Checkout Machine

4. This is the self-checkout unit at the Harbor East Library.  It's just inside the main library door, on the left

5. Scan J-Card Barcode

5. Scan Your J-Card's Barcode.

6. Scan Library's Barcode sticker on book(s)

6. Each book has a barcode sticker applied by the library.  Scan each book's barcode, one at a time.

7. Take Receipt with Due Date

7. After scanning all your books, press done on the screen and take your receipt.  The receipt tells you when your book is due back.

8. Return Book in Book Return Bin

8. Return your book to the book return bin in the Harbor East Library (or any branch of the JHU libraries).