Intelligence Analysis

Declassified Documents via Library Databases

  • U.S. Declassified Documents Online 
    ​​​​​U.S. Declassified Documents Online, formerly Declassified Documents Reference System, is the most comprehensive compilation of declassified documents from the executive branch. The types of materials include intelligence studies, policy papers, diplomatic correspondence, cabinet meeting minutes, briefing materials, and domestic surveillance and military reports.
  • Declassified Documents Online: Twentieth Century British Intelligence
    ​​Britain began the twentieth century controlling vast regions of the world. Gathering, processing and analysing information from every corner of the globe during two world wars and the fragile peace that followed was a task that saw the development of a network of agencies and government departments, collecting the raw data of intelligence and funnelling it back to Whitehall and the central machinery of government. This resource consists of documents from five UK government departments: Security Service (MI5); The Ministry of Defence: Communications and Intelligence Records; The Special Operations Executive; The Colonial Office: Intelligence and Security Departments; and, The Cabinet Office (CAB).​​​
  • Digital National Security Archive
    Created by the nongovernmental National Security Archive, this growing collection of meticulously indexed declassified documents provides coverage of U.S. Policy decisions on critical world events. 
  • Freedom of Information Archive (aka Declassification Engine)
    A project of the the History Lab and Columbia University.  An open access databases for searching millions of declassified documents acquired via Freedom of Information Act requests.  
  • History Vault
    Includes these sub-collections:
    - U.S. Military Intelligence Reports, 1911 - 1944
    - Office of Strategic Services (OSS), State Department Intelligence and Research Reports 1941 - 1961



Declassified Documents via Government Agency Sites

  • Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS)
    FRUS is the official documentary history of U.S. foreign policy.  Published since 1861 by the Office of the Historian at the U.S. State Department, this ongoing series is comprised of over 450 volumes.  Content includes a wide range of historical and declassified materials that chronicle U.S. foreign policy.