Mathematics and Statistics

How to find articles, dissertations, and background information about math, statistics, and financial math.

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

Here is the list of our mathematics encyclopedias and handbooks.

  • 2000 to the present
  • In print and online




Films about Math

1) In the library: put the word "mathematics" into the SUBJECT line of Advanced Search, then look under FORMAT to see DVDs and other kinds of things:

2) Available elsewhere: free downloadable videos (from MSRI [Mathematical Sciences Research Institute]

  • On MSRI, it's easiest to use the hard-to-see search box on the far left:

Types of Literature in Mathematics

Monographic (Book)
Scholarly books that are given one overall name (e.g., Lecture Notes in Mathematics) that are published in numbered volumes but each has its own title. The MSE Library has catalogued series differently over the years, so ask your librarian if you're having trouble finding one.
Journal Articles  Journal articles are usually peer-reviewed before publication, meaning that if a mathematician submits a manuscript for publication, other mathematicians in the same field will review that article before it is published. Journals use peer review to make sure that articles that articles are of high quality.
Review Articles Review articles sum up the current state of research in a specific area. Review articles can help you think of topics, as well as identify the important researchers in a field, recent major advances and discoveries, gaps in existing research, current debates, and ideas where research might go next. To find review articles in databases, look for a term that says "review article" or "literature review." 
Conference Proceedings  Articles or reports on current research that are presented at academic and professional meetings. Papers presented at conferences tend to focus on the latest developments in research. As with scholarly articles, conference proceedings are generally written at an expert-level. Unlike scholarly articles, conference papers do not go through a peer-review process.
and Theses
JHU holds both print and online dissertations and theses for works created by JHU students. JHU dissertations and those  from other schools can be searched through the library database called Dissertations and Theses.
Technical reports and
other grey literature
This type of material often covers progress or results of research. Often they are written to serve as a progress report to a funding agency. Technical reports in the sciences are frequently sponsored by government agencies, but they can also be privately funded. There is no systemized publication and dissemination of technical reports, so they can be hard to find.
Patents  A patent, which offers a monopoly for about 20 years depending on the country where it was issued, gives the patent owner exclusive rights to exclude others from making or selling the invention described in the patent. Patents can be searched to identify new research fronts or to avoid duplication of research effort. A patent contains diagrams and detailed descriptions that are often unpublished anywhere else.. 
Preprints Publication in a preprint database or server can help distribute scientific ideas more quickly than the peer-reviewed scholarly article process. Preprints may differ from the postprint published article. In math, a major preprint server is arXiv has preprints in physics, mathematics, non-linear science, computer science, and quanitative biology. 
Textbooks, and other Reference Books 
These kinds of books can provide important information such as formulas, theorems, or overviews of topics. Most of the math handbooks and reference books in the Science Reference collection have call numbers that start with QA.