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Getting Books and Journals from Other Libraries

If the book or journal you want is not in the library's collection, do not despair! The database WorldCat includes books and periodicals from all over the world. You can order any book or article we don't own from Interlibrary Services or BorrowDirect.

Other Locations

Many of our collections are shelved off-campus, at the Libraries Service Center. You can request these books using Catalyst--if the book you want is at the Libraries Service Center, just click on the "request" button, and the book will be delivered to your designated location. You'll get an email when it arrives.

Books and periodicals published before 1900, rare books, and fragile materials are kept in Special Collections and generally must be used in the Special Collections Reading Room, on M-level in the Brody Learning Commons, or the George Peabody Library at 17 East Mount Vernon Place.

Literary Journals

Journals that publish contemporary fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction are commingled in the shelves with journals that publish scholarly literary criticism.

  • The CURRENT PERIODICALS area on M-level of Eisenhower Library is currently empty to make way for library renovation planning.
  • Recent issues are either shelved in the library stacks, most likely on D-Level, or are offsite at the LSC, our storage center.
  • Find the call numbers you need by searching Catalyst by journal title and limiting "Format" to "journal/newspaper."
  • Contemporary literary journals often maintain websites with some current content and information about submissions. Search for them in Google by title, using quotation marks to designate an exact phrase. Eg, "paris review."

Browsing Books on D-level

Books of fiction, poetry, and literary essays can be found in the shelves of the Eisenhower Library in the call number ranges below.

The BLUE LABEL SECTION of D-level includes books added to the library since July 1996, organized by Library of Congress call numbers.

  • American literature: PS 3550-3626
  • British literature: PR 6050-6126
  • French literature: PQ 2660-2686
  • German literature: PT 2600-2688
  • Italian literature: PQ 4860-4926
  • Russian literature: PG 3475-3490
  • Latin American literature: PQ 7000-8560
  • Spanish literature: PQ 6651-6726
  • Caribbean, African, Indian literature: PR 9205-9570
  • Arabic literature: PJ 7577-8417
  • Chinese literature: PL 2261-2979
  • Japanese literature: PL 782-866
  • Canadian literature: PR 9199.2-9199.3

The WHITE LABEL SECTION of D-level covers books received before July 1996. Note the slightly different call numbers!

  • American literature: PQ 3550-3626
  • British literature: PO 6050-6126
  • French literature: PH 2660-2686
  • German literature: PM 2600-2688
  • Italian literature: PG 4860-4926
  • Russian literature: PR 3475-3490
  • Latin American literature: PJ 7000-8560
  • Spanish literature: PJ 6651-6726
  • Caribbean, African, Indian literature: PO 9205-9570
  • Arabic literature: PT 7577-8417
  • Chinese literature: PX 2261-2979
  • Japanese literature: PX 782-866
  • Canadian literature PO 9199.2-9199.3