Write a Literature Review

Take a step-by-step approach to writing a lit review.

What Will You Do Differently?

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Literature reviews take time. Here is some general information to know before you start.

  1.  VIDEO -- This video is a great overview of the entire process.  (2020; North Carolina State University Libraries)
    --The transcript is included
    --This is for everyone; ignore the mention of "graduate students"
    --9.5 minutes, and every second is important
  2. OVERVIEW -- Read this page from Purdue's OWL. It's not long, and gives some tips to fill in what you just learned from the video.
  3. NOT A RESEARCH ARTICLE -- A literature review follows a different style, format, and structure from a research article.
  Lit Review Article Research Article
Does What? Reports on the work of others. Reports on original research.
Purpose To examine and evaluate previous literature.

To test a hypothesis and/or make an argument.

May include a short literature review to introduce the subject.

Steps to Completing a Literature Review