Qualitative Data Analysis Software (nVivo, Atlas.TI, and more)

Overview and resource links for Qualitative Data Analysis Software (QDAS), uses and how to choose, focusing on QDAS supported by JHU Data Services: nVivo and Atlas.TI, with resource and training links to these and other QDA Software

For direct assistance

JHU Data Services

Contact us, JHU Data Services for assistance with access to nVivo and ATLAS.ti at the Data Services offices on A level, JHU Eisenhower Library.

Visit our website for more info and our upcoming training workshops!

Looking for sources of qualitative data for research?

Qualitative data sources vary widely by topic and are generally less available for research access often due to human subject privacy protection. Repositories here include where data may be requested for approved research uses (QDR, ICPSR) as well as some offering public open access data for certain topics. Contact JHU Data Services for guidance on sharing qualitative data.