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Information about Open Access to articles and other scholarly texts.

Open Tools from the JH Libraries

The Hopkins Libraries include and maintain open resources in the tools we provide for your use.

JH Libraries Open Access Promotion Fund (OAPF) is closed

For three years the Sheridan Libraries and the Welch Medical Library supported a pilot Open Access Promotion Fund. The fund reimbursed authors for the article processing charges they paid to gold Open Access journals. The pilot was very successful in that we learned that many JHU authors want to publish in Open Access journals.   We anticipate that this desire will grow for three reasons:  1) more funders are requiring open availability of articles; 2) more researchers are eager to publish in outlets that don’t keep their work behind paywalls; and 3) more OA journals are growing in impact and reputation.

The interest in open access now outstrips the funds the Libraries can provide, so we have to close the OAPF.  Authors needing assistance with article processing charges should ask the publisher about waiver and discount programs. Primary Investigators are encouraged to include reasonable estimates for article processing charges in their grant applications.  The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists reputable Open Access journals, not all of which require large article processing charges.

For assistance with general Open Access questions, please contact your librarian or informationist.  Questions about the OAPF in particular can be directed to Robin Sinn,

NEW: Cambridge University Press Open Access Deal

The Johns Hopkins University Libraries in conjunction with the NERL consortia have signed on to a three year Read and Publish deal with Cambridge University Press. Johns Hopkins University (JHU) researchers who are corresponding authors can now choose to publish open access in Cambridge University Press journals beginning January 1, 2022. The goal of this partnership is to ensure more of JHU’s research is published open access without added costs to the researcher. The agreement includes access to CUP journals and covers article processing charges (APCs) in fully open access or hybrid open access journals. JHU authors must opt-in to open access upon article submission to take advantage of this deal. Authors can also retroactively ensure articles are open access if not selected initially (2022 articles only).

NEW: Easier Open Publishing with Wiley Journals

The Johns Hopkins Libraries is now in year two of a three year agreement with Wiley to promote Open Access by paying or reducing article processing charges (APC) for JHU authors. During this time, part of the subscription fee the Libraries pay Wiley to read their journals will be diverted to cover article processing charges (APCs) for articles that meet the following criteria:

• JHU researcher is currently listed in JHED and is the corresponding author
• Article is a research or review paper (Wiley categorizes these as "original articles")
• Article is accepted by a hybrid Wiley journal after January 1, 2022.

The Wiley Author Services system will present JHU authors with information about this program and the option to participate. Articles will be made Open Access without embargo if you choose this option.
The goal of this pilot is to determine how sustainable this method of funding journal publishing is. Funding is finite, and we will cease funding when we run out.

Once funding is depleted authors wishing to publish Open Access with Wiley have the option to use the discount code 21218 for a 5% discount on their APC fees. 


TOME Monograph Subvention Grants

JHU TOME Monograph Subvention Grants provide funding to Johns Hopkins faculty for the publication of new open-access digital monographs.

Johns Hopkins University joined the Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem (TOME) initiative in 2020 to facilitate greater access to its faculty’s scholarship through open-access publishing. Five monograph subvention grants will be awarded by the Johns Hopkins Libraries over two academic years, 2020/2021 and 2021/2022, with funding from the Office of the Provost. The grants will provide up to $15,000 per academic monograph—paid to a participating university press on the author’s behalf—to make a digital copy of the monograph available free of charge under a Creative Commons license through MuseOpen.

Details and application form are available at We encourage faculty to email with questions. 

Johns Hopkins Libraries Support Community Action Publishing for PLOS Medicine and PLOS Biology

Johns Hopkins Libraries have joined the PLOS Community Action Publishing program. Our participation in this program ensures that articles accepted by PLOS Medicine and PLOS Biology with corresponding authors from Johns Hopkins, will not be charged an APCs. This program also extends discounts to your corresponding authors for papers where you are a co-author. See the FAQ for more details.


APC Discounts with Open Access Publishers

Below are several journals that offer some type of discount to JHU authors. Please check publisher's website for the most recent details.

MDPI - The MDPI Institutional Open Access Program gives JHU authors a 10% discount on APCs.
SpringerOpen - Johns Hopkins University researchers and students receive a 15% discount on article processing charges in journals that are part of:
Nucleic Acids Research - Author charges are $1385 per article, a 50% discount. This applies only to the journal Nucleic Acids Research and does not include other NAR titles.

PLOS Biology and PLOS Medicine - The Johns Hopkins Libraries participation in PLOS' Community Action Publishing program means JHU corresponding authors will not be charged an APC

PNAS - As of 1/2021, the discounted OA fee JHU authors should pay to make their PNAS article immediately Open Access is $2000, per their Instruction for Authors, page xix.  Please remember that all PNAS articles become freely available 6 months after publication.