U.S. Government Information

Legislative Branch

Primary Sources
For finding official publications of Congress 1789 - present.


Secondary Sources 
For finding commentary, synthesis and analysis of legislative branch action.

  • CQ Press Library
    This is the homepage for a series of databases focusing on American government. The collection includes original content, current information, statistics, analysis, and comprehensive coverage in a range of government-related topics. Below is a selection of the databases included in CQ Press Library:

  • Roll Call: "The Newspaper of Capitol Hill"
    For retrospective coverage of this newspaper, 1998 - present, search via ProQuest Central database and select publication "Roll Call".   
  • National Journal
    The online version for the following National Journal Group publications: National Journal, CongressDaily, The Hotline, American Health Line and Technology Daily. Also includes full searchable sources such as Bill Status Reports, polling, congressional almanac, etc. 
  • The Hill 
    For retrospective coverage of this newspaper, 1995 - present, search via the Nexis Uni database.  Use the Guided Search tab  "A publication"  and in the "Find publication" type "The Hill".